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I've been watching this since the first episode. This is an amazing series; great animation, awesome humor, and a storyline that keeps me watching. Keep up the good work and I'll continue to watch until the end.


I love claymation, it seems to make a lot of stuff just... better :D Really good animation, awesome humor, and great voices, what more do you need?


I guess it was actually pretty touching, but it's still fudged up :P BTW, if he was trying to show that he was a nazi, then those symbols on his wrist need to be flipped horizontally :D Obviously this guy is just a poser haha.

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Really fun, definitely needs to get some sort of mobile/console/handheld release! The music is awesome, the gameplay is addicting, and the concept is hilarious. I wouldn't mind seeing more weapons, more levels, and a whole slew of other good stuff, but its great fun even without those things.

This is one of the best games that I have ever played... sad part is the crazy amount of lag this game seems to have. I cannot walk around without my guy start mindlessly hitting the wall as he fires in a totally opposite direction that I need him to be shooting in... once this game get's updated enough and the lag gets taken care of, it will be the perfect game (IMO)

A really well made game, though lack of levels really brings it down. If you're going to continue updating, I would recommend creating more areas and upgrades. Fire balls are fun *hint hint* Anyway, great game, I will be coming back to check it out every so often ^.^

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God, thats so funkin' sexy, I don't know what else to say! I do want this as a tat, so if you see a guy with this on him, its me lmao

Awesome Job!

This is just great, the detail is nice and the lighting is perfect. But somethings bothering me and I can't seem to find it... hence the 9 :P

Couple things...

This is really good, though if her left side of her stomach (not her breast like Bechooch said, thats actually just fine) was pulled in a bit more, it would look much better.

What did you expect? The fucking son of god? I'm not the savior, I'm the destroyer. Faceless fear under your skin, radiant evil infecting your eye sockets. I am Lucifer, the Morning Star, the Desolate One, the Adversary, your all mighty Lord!! I AM SATAN!

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